Twirling Unlimited

Twirling Unlimited Created the Concept of UNITY in Twirling

Congratulations to the
2019 TU International Champions!

Miss TU Majorettes

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International Solo Champions

0-8 Kyla Brewer
9-11 Bailey Mountford
12-14 Carissa Wolfe
15-17 Alexa Tamburlin
18+ Kylie Cates

TU Scholarship Winners

0-8 Lilly Stahlman
9-11 Mazie Zepeda
12-14 Ellie Garst
15+ Victoria Dierks

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About Twirling Unlimited

In August 1981 a new twirling organization was incorporated. The concept behind TWIRLING UNLIMITED had been in the minds of many twirling teachers for dozens of years. They decried the fact that twirling was splintered into small organizations, each having a few good twirlers who rarely had an opportunity to contest the best twirlers in other organizations because the differences in rules prohibited open and free competition.

So a group of twirling judges who love twirling for all it offers to the young people of this country set about in a small way to try to change this. They planned camps and clinics where instructors from all twirling organizations could join together in camaraderie and pool their talents to promote twirling…… so TWIRLING UNLIMITED was born.

In 1979 the first TU International competition was held. It was unique because it utilized the talents of judges who were certified in USTA, NBTA, DMA, WTA & AAU. The rules were written so twirlers could come from their respective organizations and compete without changing their routines or performances. This philosophy of inclusion continues at all TU competitions today, as we welcome contestants and judges from all organizations without membership requirements. In addition, this “open-to-all” approach has been copied at some other elite events and we are proud to have introduced this concept.

We believe that this philosophy represents the best of twirling. TU offers an opportunity for twirlers everywhere to compete on an equal footing, a de-emphasis on penalties, positive emphasis on the quality of the performance. Add to this the goal of involving the audience and the general public and it is possible to begin to understand the concept of TWIRLING UNLIMITED.