Twirling Unlimited

Twirling Unlimited Created the Concept of UNITY in Twirling


Some competitions offer Dance events.   The following rules apply:


Categories: Jazz, Tap, Ballet/Pointe, Lyrical, Clogging, Gymn/Acro, HipHop, Modern/Contemporary.  Any performance not falling under one of these categories may enter “Miscellaneous Dance” – no additional categories will be added. (Pom Solo & Duet see Baton Section). Some competitions offer only soft shoe tap& no Clogging.  No additional tap floor may be used – only soft shoe. Beginner & Advanced levels are offered. Beginner is defined as one who has not won more than five 1st places in that event, hence a performer may be Beginner in Jazz, but Advanced in Tap, etc.

Solo & Duet Age Groups:  0-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15+  (duets use average age)

Team Divisions:

Small: 3-5 members Medium: 6-9 members           Large: 10+ members 

Ages:  (Avg)    Up to 6.9 -   PeeWee    7.0 to 8.9 -Tiny Tot 

            9.0 to 11.9 – Juvenile              12.0 to 14.9 Junior              15.0 and Up - Senior

Note: Contestant’s age is determined by their age as of the day of the competition.

For open competitions, groups are divided according to age, size and category: Jazz, Tap, Ballet/Pointe, Lyrical, Clogging, Gymn/Acro,HipHop, Modern/Contemporary.  (Pom Groups - See Baton Section).  For Regional competitions, groups are divided by age and size, but all types of Dance Lines compete against each other for Regional title.

Due to safety concerns, no mounts may be higher than thigh-high mounts and no tossing of performers is allowed.

Time Limits:         All teams: 1:30- 3 minutes

Solos & Duets:   3 minutes maximum

Under/Overtime Penalty   .1 per second

Dance Production:  Minimum of 10 members; Time Limit 3-9 minutes

Music should be ready to play. Groups & individuals are encouraged to use their own music apparatus to ensure proper playing. We will provide a mic for amplification. If music stops or has technical difficulty for ANY reason after the first 15 seconds, the group must continue performing - they may not start over.

Dance Score Categories are:       

Difficulty & Originality of Material      20  

Music Interpretation/ General Effect  20

Stage Presence/Showmanship         20 

Technique                                       20

Execution                                       20


Number of awards for solos and  duets is based on the number of contestants in the division (see Flexible Awards System). Solos and duets:  1 award per contestant 

For group divisions, each group receives a trophy regardless of the number in the division.   Groups:  minimum 3 members