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At Ease


March 8 counts (Cradle Baton on R arm)

Bow (LH to L toe – point L toe out – R arm back)


Bring baton to front

Grab LH palm up (thumb to tip) – turn R, back pass (to RH thumb to ball)

Front 2 hand spin

Back pass

Front 2 hand spin (2 times)

Pass Over head to RH

Circle Front

Circle Back- Face R side

Facing R:  point L toe -  RH Figure 8 (3 times)

Left back shoulder pass

LH Figure 8 (3 times) (feet together)

Front R shoulder pass

L front shoulder pass

Face front: (starting in LH)  Around the World 1 ½ times (Jump straight up on last pass over head)

Head loop turning L


Facing R:  RH Split finger  1-2,   2-1 (Feet together) 1-2 ,  2-1 (Bow)

1-2 facing back, 2-1 turning R to face front

Finish with 2 hand spin thumb roll into LH 4 finger (finish with roll over back of Left 3 knuckles)

Pass over head to RH


L elbow roll – catch RH (on top)

L wrist roll – catch LH

LH reverse and back pass

R hand roll up

R hand roll down (in back)

Pass under L knee to LH

Pass overhead to RH with Step Ball Change forward on L foot

            Front 2 hand spin

Back Pass with spin to left on L foot


Horizontals (Flats):

RH Flat twirl (Horizontal) (3 times)

Pass Flat to LH

LH Flat twirl (3 times)

Pass flat behind neck

Flat loop under (swings) – Lunge L

Flat loop over head – Feet together

Repeat under and over loop with feet together

Neck Wrap

LH Flat figure 8 (3 times) – finish with pass behind knees


Circle front – Reverse head loop (Windup)

Thumb toss catch R hand

Face L:  Pass High to LH – follow through circle L arm back

Pass High to RH – follow through circle R arm back

Lunge L – arms to L side -  Reverse Figure 8 in RH (3 times)

Face front: front 2 hand spin

LH reverse figure 8  (3 times)

Backhand toss – catch RH

Arms in “V” on toes

Salute – lift L heel in front on pose

 Cradle baton - Turn R to face back

March off 8 counts (baton cradled)

Turn “V” pose on toes

Final pose: Both hands behind back (baton cradled), point L toe to front

 * Freehand is optional unless specified;  Feet together unless specified


This strutting routine is designed to be performed in an “X” pattern beginning at the judge’s back left corner going to the front right corner, then going across the front of the judge to the front left corner and then crossing diagonal toward the back right corner and ending there. 

When in competition in “Basic X Strut” it must be done in this pattern.  However, it is designed so that it can be straightened out for straight line fancy strutting competition or added to for NBTA “X” strut competition if desired. 


Pose with baton on R shoulder, point L toe

1-2 Tuck baton under elbows– spin left

Face R side

3-4 Lunge Right – left foot back- head down- baton down

5-6 On toes – circle baton up across back – look at judge

7-8 Face front – salute

 Part 1

 1-2 March – Arms in V

3-4 March – tuck baton

5-6 Step Ball Change on L foot – arms to left

7-8 Step Ball Change on R foot – arms to right


1-2 March – baton over head (hands in middle)

3-4 On toes, twist, twist – arms out

5-6 Hitchkick – circle R arm

7-8 On toes – pass high to L hand


1-2 Face front – hold baton high in both hands

3-4 Bow – push baton down legs

5-6 Tuck baton – Spin left

7-8 Face front corner – pose with baton on L knee


1-2 March toward corner – baton at L side of waist

3-4 March – arms out

5-6 Point L heel (hands behind back)

7-8 Point R heel (hands behind back)


1-2 March – tuck baton

3-4 March – point baton out in L hand

5-6 Pass High to RH - on toes (stay facing corner)

7-8 Arabesque leap (Kick R leg back)- pass high to LH (facing corner)


1-2 On toes - hold high flat in both hands (facing judge)

3-4 Tuck under elbows - turn L to face R side

5-6 "V" on toes facing R side

7-8 Pose, point L toe - baton on L hip

Part 2

1-2 March – baton at L hip

3-4 March – baton at R hip

5-6 Face back – step slide step to left – baton over head

7-8 Face front – step slide step to right – baton behind head 


1-2 Face L side – pass backwards over R shoulder

3-4 Bend over – knees straight - pass baton behind knees

5-6 On toes –face front – high reverse loop in R hand

7-8 Sit pose – baton behind back, L hand on L knee


1-2 Step ball change on L foot toward R side– tuck baton – twist shoulders to front

3-4 Step ball change on R foot toward R side – tuck baton – twist shoulders to back

5-6 L toe point – arms out – look front

7-8 R toe point – arms out – look back


1-2 March – arms in “L”

3-4 March – arms in reverse “L”

5-6 Turn to face L side – tuck baton

7-8 On toes – baton over head in both hands


1-2 Kick L leg back – baton behind head

3-4 On toes – return baton to over head position

5-6 Spin left – arms remain over head

7-8 Pose facing back corner – baton on R shoulder in both hands 

Part 3

1-2 March – baton on left shoulder in both hands

3-4 March – swing baton back in R hand

5-6 Hurdle leap – circle R arm

7-8 Repeat hurdle leap 


1-2 Kick L leg – pass high to L hand

3-4 Kick R leg – pass high to R hand

5-6 On toes – arms in V – face back corner

7-8 Lunge – R toe back, R arm down


1-4 Circle R arm into R illusion

5-6 Face back corner – Circle R arm – look at judge

7-8 Face back corner – arms in V


1-2 March – head down – hold baton backhand in both hands by forehead

3-4 March – Arms in V

5-6 Step ball change on L foot – push R arm down

7-8 Step ball change on R foot – push L arm down


1-2 Lift L knee – R arm forward, L arm back

3-4 Lift R knee –switch arms

5-6 Rock step on L foot – pass backwards over R shoulder to L hand

7-8 Back pass from L hand to R hand – turn left to face judge


1-2 Hold Pose - Cradle baton on R arm with arms down – point L toe

3-6 Pirouette turn to L (R foot crossed over L knee) – arms over head, baton cradled

7-8 Pose – point L toe- Arms in upside down V 


1-4 Salute

5-8 Arms down